Many young people have mental health problems. Up to 1 in every 4 young people become depressed or very worried about something at some stage. This can be because something has happened in their lives that causes them to become distressed. This might be stress at home or school, or a stressful event like a death. Sometimes it starts when a family or relationship breaks up. Sometimes it involves a crisis like physical or sexual violence.

People differ in the way they respond to stressful things. What is stressful to one person might not seem so to another. Some people become easily depressed or stressed by difficulties, while others don't. Sometimes this depends on the support they have around them. It also depends on the ways they have learned to deal with problems and hard times.

A psychologist is a good place to go for help with a mental health problem. Problems like depression or feeling very worried and anxious usually do not go away by trying to snap out of it or by ignoring it. Accepting that you have a problem and that the psychologist may be able to help you with it is important.

Many people think that psychologists are only there for if you have a serious mental illness. While this is one of their main functions, psychologists can also help people with stresses, life difficulties, educational and career choices, along with many other life coaching issues. Many people experience depression and anxiety and other mental health problems and psychologists are used to dealing with these issues. Often just talking through your problem with the psychologist is of help, but they also have a range of very effective treatments for a wide range of mental health problems.

It is important to ask for help. Feelings don't go away by ignoring them and getting help is important. The psychologist is one source of help. Talking to an adult that you trust is another way. It is important to involve an adult (as well as talking with your friends if you want to) because adults can provide you with lots of different types of support that can be useful, and that you and your friends may not know about.



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