Client responsibilities

As a client of HUM Psychology you also have responsibilities that you are expected to fulfil. These include that:

  • You will attend all scheduled appointments on time as is far as is practically possible and provide reasonable notice to the psychologist if you are unable to attend;
  • You will provide accurate information about topics that are discussed including, but not limited to, the symptoms of any illness, your social situation, your drug or alcohol use, and issues relating to your own safety or the safety of others;
  • You will cooperate, as far as possible, with the psychologist who is providing you the service.;
  • You will make payment in full for all fee-based services provided by the psychologist immediately following the receipt of a service; and
  • You will respect the safety, privacy and dignity of other people, whether it is the psychologist, other clients, family members or friends.










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1 in 20 people have experienced the loss of someone to suicide

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