Am I eligible for a service rebate through Medicare?

Eligibility requirements set by Medicare for a rebate in the receipt of psychological services are only available through the Focused Psychological Strategies (FPS) Services. In such a situation, patients of general practitioners/doctors, psychiatrists and paediatricians may receive a Medicare rebate for services provided by psychologists.

The eligibility requirements for access to a rebate for receipt of psychological services include that:

  • You must assessed as having a mental disorder.
  • Your doctor first completes and registers a GP Mental Health Care Plan with Medicare (MBS Item No. 2710 or 2712) that includes a referral to a psychologist for further treatment.

The general practitioner/doctor will refer you to the psychologist for specialist psychological care and provide you with a brief referral letter for you to bring to the initial appointment with the HUM Psychologist.

Please note that the rebate offered by Medicare under the Focused Psychological Strategies (FPS) Services initiative will cover a clients entire HUM Psychology consultation fee (bulk bill). No additional client fee will be required.

Eligible clients may only receive the Medicare rebate for up to 10 service consultations per year by an allied health professional (such as a psychologist) that must be of a minimum of 20 minutes duration. Ongoing communication between the HUM Psychologist and your referring doctor will be required as part of any service however this will be discussed further with clients at their initial appointment.

Also, clients requiring additional service consultations within any 12-month period following their initial 10 service consultations for which a Medicare rebate has been provided may be at the client’s expense without any rebate being available to the client. Special circumstances may see clients eligible for an ongoing rebate.

Please contact the HUM psychologist by telephoning 0423 428 885 or via e-mail at or your local doctor for further information, if you think you are eligible for the Medicare rebate.








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