What can a psychologist do for me?

Stress, panic, sadness, frustration, confusion, uncertainty, sleeplessness, irritability, feeling out of control, feeling stuck or just lacking the motivation to make the needed changes are all common experiences.

Furthermore, changes in life, relationships, health and work may challenge our ability to cope or function to our full potential.

Such troubling emotions and behaviour may often come about from the stressful life events and daily hassles that can occur in all areas of our life.

When this happens we can usuall y manage these things but from time to time we may find it too difficult to cope with alone. We find it hard to bounce back and take control of our lives.

Sometimes friends and family may feel just as helpless as we feel when problems arise and the support you receive from them may not be enough.

Alternatively, the people whom we love most or work with may also be part of the problem.

A professional psychologist is trained in many types of therapy and is skilled in quickly finding the right approach to these types of problems.





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