What is the difference between a Christian and non-Christian psychologist?

Non-Christian psychologists tend to view counselling as a professional activity that involves picking and choosing psychological theories and techniques according to personal preference and scientific merit without any necessary connection to the life of Jesus Christ.

In this respect, a client with a felt-need engages a professional psychologist for help in attaining goals of personal adjustment, emotional happiness, stability, self-fulfilment, and the like being provided scientifically validated support and treatment.

But Christian psychologists, go further than this, following the Bible and viewing counselling and psychological therapy as a pastoral activity.

Christian counselling integrates psychological theories and procedures with the aims of progressive sanctification, communicating the true content of Biblical Scripture.

Christian psychologists aim to provide connection for clients between logic and faith, integrating therapies of scientific evidence with deeper insights into the structures, practices and validity of worship, discipleship, preaching, pastoral oversight, use of gifts, church discipline, and other aspects of life in the body of Christ.














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