Group Program

From time to time, the HUM psychologist may identify some clients, who have attended or who are attending the Psychologist Clinic, who have similar problems or difficulties. A Group Treatment Program may be offered to these clients when the improvement of these problems may be substantially enhanced by clients coming together within a group treatment program.

For example, if several clients have mild levels of depression and they are agreeable to attending group treatment, then the HUM psychologist may conduct a group depression treatment program that focuses on building skills to manage depression. Good evidence is available for the treatment of mild depression within a group treatment program. Additionally, providing opportunities for clients to share their experiences within a group program can help to breakdown the isolation that clients often feel when trying to overcome depression.

Group Treatment Programs will only be offered when sufficient numbers of clients have been assessed as having similar problems that are suitable to be addressed within the group context and after they provide consent to participate.

In some cases, client participation in a group-treatment program may serve as a useful addition to individual therapy or counselling rather than as a replacement for individual therapy.

Participation within group-treatment programs would be negotiated between the HUM psychologist and clients on a case by case basis. For more information about Group Treatment Programs offered by HUM Psychology that may be suitable for you, please contact the HUM psychologist by telephoning 0423 428 885.




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