Psychological Consultation

HUM Psychology provides psychological consultation to carers, employers, referring agents, or other relevant health professionals involved in the care of its clients.

The consultation is a planned interaction between the HUM psychologist and other parties of relevance to a client's circumstances. Psychological consultation is usually pre-arranged with the consent of the client to assist in the development and consolidation of appropriate intervention strategies and treatment plans for the client. Psychological consultation may also lead to identifying further recommendations for therapeutic intervention and enhancing overall treatment response.

Psychological consultation is particularly a useful adjunct to the psychologist’s providing direct psychological care to a client. It can help those people who contribute to supporting a client by helping them to:

  • identify client strengths and needs,
  • assist in developing and implementing strategies that address client needs and difficulties, and
  • facilitate appropriate referrals for additional support.

On occasion when the HUM psychologist sees there is a need to enhance treatment goals by undertaking psychological consultation with someone of significance to a client, this will initially be discussed with the client. If the client consents to the psychological consultation, this may be done as a face to face or telephone consultation.

At no time will information be released to third parties without the client's permission (although there are some very rare exceptions to this rule, as required by law).




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