Psychologist Clinic

When you first attend the Psychologist Clinic you will be provided an interview with the psychologist who will talk with you to assess your personal circumstances, identifying problems and issues you may be experiencing. Any uncertainties you have will be dealt with sympathetically by the HUM psychologist.

The assessment interview usually takes somewhere between 60 – 90 minutes depending on the nature of the problem and all matters discussed between you and the psychologist are kept strictly confidential. Sometimes an assessment questionnaire relevant to the problem you are experiencing is given to you to complete which speeds up the information gathering process. Results of these are always discussed.

Following the initial assessment, before you leave the clinic, the psychologist will provide you with a summary of your circumstances, including the presenting problems and underlying issues contributing to these problems, and recommendations for how you can overcome or better manage these problems/issues.

In some cases, these recommendations may include inviting you to undertake continued counselling and treatment services by the HUM psychologist to address issues identified in the initial assessment.

The number of treatment sessions required will vary depending on the nature of your issues. This is usually negotiated between the psychologist and yourself. In other instances, the HUM psychologist may refer you to another service provider who has specialist skills to provide assistance in responding to the problems and issues that have been identified.

Importantly, the Psychologist Clinic is an “appointment only” service which means you cannot attend the clinic and request an instant service. The Clinic can be accessed through your making an appointment with the HUM psychologist by telephoning 0423 428 885.



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