Services Offered

HUM Psychology offers people professional psychological care by a registered psychologist who specialises in educational and clinical psychology. The service aims to improve the mental, emotional, social and spiritual health needs of people through providing psychological assessments and, where appropriate, subsequent intervention, treatment and referral services.

Specifically, the psychologist intervenes by:

Assessing the emotional, intellectual and behavioural functioning of the client;

Exploring the thoughts, emotions and behaviour of the client and tracing their origins;

Helping the client develop effective ways of controlling and coping with difficulties; and

Helping the client to implement changes that enhance wellbeing and awareness, and alleviate any presenting problems.

Services offered can be provided through either a:

Group Treatment Program

Psycho-Educational Program

Psychological Assessment Report

Psychological Consultation

For further information about the services being offered please contact the HUM psychologist, Troy Speirs, by telephone on 0423 428 885 .




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