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Many people often have questions they would like to have answered before making the choice to see a psychologist. Below are some of the common questions people ask when contacting the HUM psychologist. Each question provides a link to additional information and attempts to provide you with helpful advice to assist you in making a decision about receiving a psychological service through HUM Psychology.

Collaborating with


What is counselling?

What is psychology and psychological therapy?

What can a psychologist do for me?

Do I need to see a psychologist?

How long would I need to see a psychologist for?

Am I eligible for a service rebate through Medicare?

Am I eligible for a service rebate through private health insurance?

Is everything I talk about with the psychologist kept confidential?

What is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist?

What is an educational psychologist?

What is a clinical psychologist?

What is the difference between a Christian and non-Christian psychologist?

Can I still see a Christian psychologist if I am not a Christian?


If you still have any questions you would like to have answered that relate to your seeing a psychologist, please contact the HUM psychologist, Troy Speirs, by telephone on 0423 428 885.



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