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The schedule of fees for pstychological counselling operates on a sliding scale whereby clients will be charged hourly sessional fees according to combined gross family income.

For example, clients who in conjunction with their partner have a combined gross family income of between $26,000 and $50,000 will receive an initial consultation for only $175 per hour and subsequent consultations for only $165 per hour.

Please note that all services involving the provision of psychological care are GST free*. GST may however apply to other non-care related services, eg. Medico-Legal assessments or reports. As such, an additional charge of 10% in excess of those fees that are listed will be applied for these services. These non-counselling services will be charged at a standard rate as recommended by the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Prices are per consultation, not per person. That is, the price for a couple is the same as the price for an individual. Consultations normally last for approximately 60 minutes, comprising 50 minutes consultation and 10 minutes administration time. Phone consultations are not a part of normal practice and will be charged at the APS rates. Routine calls concerning appointments do not incur any additional charge.

Payment may be made by cash or cheque (made payable to ‘Headz Up Ministries’). For Clinic appointments, it is preferred if clients settle their account at the conclusion of each session.

Fees for cancellation of missed appointments are charged if no replacement service is billed for the lost time. Cancellation are charged at the rate of $100 per missed appointment.

Additional information on fee schedules is available for the following client groups:

Clients eligible for a private health insurance rebate on psychological services

Clients eligible for a Medicare rebate on psychological services,

Clients participating in group-treatment programs, and

Persons participating in psycho-education programs.


* To be GST exempt, the receipt of a psychological service must fulfil the Australian Taxation Office’s definition as "being necessary for the treatment of the patient".



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