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HUM Psychology is a division of Headz Up Ministries (HUM) that is managed and operated by Troy Speirs, clinical/educational psychologist (Australian Health Professional Registration Association No. PSY0001004751). Troy Speirs is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (Membership No: 105659), and member of the College of Clinical Psychologists having completed postgraduate studies in both educational and clinical psychology.

Headz Up Ministries, the overarching organisation within which HUM Psychology is embedded, was registered in 2005 as a business within NSW. The intention of HUM is to provide a diverse range of services that seek to generate hope, meaning and purpose within the lives of people, growing and expanding under the direction of our Lord.

Arncliffe Community Life Centre (ACLC) is a non-profit charity organisation that aims to provide relief to all members of the public regardless of ethnicity, race or religion. ACLC has a particular focus on the needs of families and people who are disadvantaged, homeless and/or at risk.




Here you will find lots of useful bits of information and tips for improving your health and/or the health of your loved ones.

Topics that are being drummed up in the HUM Drum include:


Up to 1 in 4 young people get depressed during adolescence


1 in 20 people have experienced the loss of someone to suicide

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